quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2015

The Pad of Paper

Each time she sat in front of that blank pad of paper, with a beautiful pink cover with yellow dots, she felt that everything was possible. There were so many possibilities. Her heart was beating a thousand times a second, but her expression remained calm and serene.

She touched the leaves unfilled as if they were made of glass. They had a lot of texture and that was comforting. All that texture made time stop for a few seconds.
She couldn’t predict what would happen next.

In her head, all was a confusion of ideas, even she couldn´t understand it. 
The ideas kept popping up in her head, as if they wanted to be the first to get to the paper. Each one seemed to shout louder than the previous. 

Then there was the pencil; simple, basic, a traditional material, but never old, always sophisticated. It was so light in her hands that it seemed like a feather. It was the element that made possible the connection between her mind, confused and disorganized, and the peaceful paper that quietly waited for the soft touch of the 3B pencil. 
Whenever the pencil connected to the paper, it was like it danced graciously on an endless white stage.

So much to say, so much to communicate. However, the pad of paper was still waiting for the dance to begin, the pencil without dancing, the ideas on and on without stopping, and after all, that pad of paper, with that beautiful pink cover with yellow dots, was still blank. And that made her heart beat a thousand times a second.

Ema Ferreira, 10ºO 
2º Prémio do Concurso de Escrita Criativa /Creative Writing Award 2015
Escola António Arroio

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