quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2015

Have you noticed?

Have you seen what is around you?
And I mean really seen? Have you paid attention? Have you noticed the little details, the infinite colors, the immense light?

Have you noticed the beauty?

Probably not.

We rush too much. Rush to get to work. Rush to get to school. Rush to get out of work. Rush to get out of school. Rush to get home. Rush. Rush. Rush.

We don’t take a minute. Why don’t we just stop and look?
See what is in front of you. See what is on top of you. See what is by your side. Just see. See it as if you were seeing it for the first time.

And lose yourself in the beauty. Even what you think is grotesque, actually has a beauty of its own. Nothing is ugly.

After you have seen it, feel it. Feel it with every cell in your body. Feel the joy. Or the sadness. What does it make you feel?

It makes you feel something, for sure.

And then, care.

Care about what you’re seeing. It can be a tree, a building, a wall, a person, anything, everything. But just care about it. Care about something other than your life, or something related to your life.

How better, how wonderful would the world be, if everyone just cared?

If everyone just felt?

If everyone just took a minute?

If everyone just noticed the beauty?

If everyone just saw?

If everyone just stopped and thought: “Wow, how I love this world”?

Marta Paneiro, 10º N
1º Prémio de Escrita Criativa em Inglês / Creative Writing Award 2015
Escola António Arroio

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