terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2015

Almost Not But Exactly The Same

I have always found it fascinating how coins travel the world, from one wallet to another, from one hand to another. You may be holding the same coin you used to buy an ice-cream three years before, or simply never hold that same one again, and you will never know. How could you? They all look pretty much the same, almost the same.
For my tenth birthday, my grandmother gave me a handful of shiny coins, all almost the same. Just for fun’s sake, I got my parents’ address carved onto one of the coins, very discreetly. I could see it, though, and I used it to buy an ice-cream from the lady on the street corner. I started to check the mail on the first day of each month, with no exception, until, as the years passed by, I started to lose hope. At that point, I only checked it occasionally, out of curiosity.
Forty-three years later, when the day came that I had to sell the house where I grew up, I checked the mail one last time, hopelessly. But there was a letter from Belgium and it read, “Interesting how you never know whether something will come back to you or not, until you let it go”. And there it was, the same exact coin, not so shiny anymore, worn out by time. At that moment, feeling like my ecstatic ten-year-old self all over again, I walked up the street, to the same lady at the same street corner and bought the same ice-cream I had bought forty-three years before. Well, not the same but one almost the same. Little did the lady know she was holding the same coin once again.        

Inês Leite, 10º N
3ª Prémio do Concurso de Escrita Criativa em Inglês/ Creative Writing Award 2015
Escola António Arroio

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