quinta-feira, 4 de julho de 2013


Inspired by

UNTITLED  1997   Hannah Starkey (1971 − )
British Council Art Collection

These two ladies I have here, opposite me in the subway, really captured my attention. They’re mother and daughter and I’ve heard their names while they were whispering to each other. The younger lady is called Tania, and the older one is Fernanda. She’s not very old, I think, but her skin and her eyes show that she has been struggling to give Tania a better life than she had. Well, I think sometimes, or seriously talking always, I’m very observant and like to create a life story to the people or groups of people near me. Fernanda has been very thoughtful since I noticed her and Tania seems a bit angry. Fernanda is carrying a bunch of shopping bags. It seems like they had a daughter-mother day at the mall. Their faces aren’t adapted to this day they are having unless somebody has died recently. Maybe Tania’s father and Fernanda decided that buying her new clothes could be a good way not to let her daughter think of that. But it seems that this effort didn’t work out very well. I can feel the tension between these two ladies. But I also think that in one way or the other they will find a way to solve it even if it takes a lot of time.
     But, again, I tend to get a little bit imaginative when I have people surrounding me, especially in the subway.

   de João Leão, 11º N

Nota: Texto publicado com a autorização de João Leão, do 11º N (2012/2013).  Qualquer reprodução sem a sua autorização atenta contra os princípios dos direitos de autor.

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