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A Life

Inspired by
A  LIFE       1975                                                                                                
R B Kitaj (1932 − 2007)    
British Council Art Collection

    Sometimes things are not what we expect. Sometimes people are so much more different than what they appear to be, and I’m talking from experience.
    Yesterday I was quietly walking through the streets of my city. The moonlight was shining like a diamond ring and I was so hypnotized by it, I didn’t see a man run right into me.
     Suddenly, I felt myself falling, almost in slow motion, and I just sat there, on the ground. I looked up and I couldn’t see anything, just a big black shadow.
     “Oh, I’m so sorry.” The shadow said. “I didn’t see you coming.”
At that exact moment, I felt so embarrassed, so ashamed of myself I couldn’t even speak.
     “What a lovely red dress, miss. I hope I didn’t ruin it.”, he continued. Right there, I felt so much hate. I hated that shadow with a man’s voice. 
     “I apologize again.”
     “Unless you help me, I won’t forgive you.” I almost yelled. At this point, I wasn’t capable of controlling my hate towards this stranger.
      Then his hand reached mine gently and he pulled me against his warm body. I thought he was going to rape me or rob me but he just stood there with his hands on his hips. I couldn’t see if he was smiling or not, as I couldn’t see his face or any other part of his body.
      “There you go, lady. Do you forgive me now?” He asked, while I tried to figure out who he was.
      “Thank you, sir.” I said and suddenly I felt so relieved. I didn’t know why I felt it but I just smiled at that man. The hate was all gone now.
      “It’s ok. Now I have to run, lady. And again, sorry for your dress.” The man said and he started running up the street. He didn’t look back and he didn’t say anything else. 
      I just waved at him and smiled, relieved he hadn’t hurt me when I thought he would.
      Now, that’s why I’m saying people are not what we expect and that’s why I’m saying that they are much more different than what they appear to be. So, you can’t just judge, you can’t say what they are like without even knowing them. That’s what life is all about.

de Margarida Silva, 11º L (2012/2013)

Nota: Texto publicado com a autorização de Margarida Silva, do 11º L (2012/2013).  Qualquer reprodução sem a sua autorização atenta contra os princípios dos direitos de autor. 

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