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Uma aula diferente

Dois professores ingleses da Education First vieram à Escola António Arroio para dar uma aula. A reportagem foi feita por alunos.

Dave and Charlotte from EF (Education First) International Language Centers paid a visit to António Arroio and taught classes to 10º A / 10º E / 11º A / 11º I and 11º J on 26 February 2013.

On the 26th February an English teacher came to our school. Since we were the only class to have 90 minutes of that different class, we had the chance to enjoy a lot of different and fun games.
        In my opinion it was a really fun class, and having the chance of having a real English person and hearing him talk, is something we may not experience soon.
        I think we should have more classes like that, or similar, but at the same time I know it’s kind of impossible.

Vera Cabo 11º J

It was Tuesday, a Tuesday like the others, although there was something rather odd, but timely warming; there I was, arriving late as usual (… not?), when I faced this guy, this one guy who had a fairly large frame, at least if compared to the Portuguese average, which is mildly fair.
He was a guy whom you’d easily picture as a student roaming through and “in” Amsterdam.

 He had come to talk about love. A picture was shown, beside two beings, roamed an angel, or at least I thought of it as one, but no, Mr Tall Guy Dave (that was his name, by the way) destroyed my newly born fantasies, curse him, but one of those Somali curses, to be exact, the ones that won’t work at all, no matter how many bat wings you splurge into it; despite the early shock, he identified the deity as Saint Valentine, and also told us how the day that goes by that Saint’s name was an excuse to suck money out of good and educated minds, such as ours, since Christmas and Easter weren’t enough for the big companies to subsist, exist, persist, and all the other blabbering that imply resistance all around. That’s something worth praising, since we youngsters need to be warned about the consumerism’s dangers around us, that and Facebook (even though he didn’t approach that subject), but who doesn’t like to be plastered at home or by devices 24/7?).

                       Tongue Twisters - Learning while having fun 
                        11º J                                                                   
 We also discussed about the various types of love and how love can’t be specified.Some language learning exercises were done, condoning expression used when evaluating a situation, they were entertaining, despite the ease of it, considering that this is our last year of obligatory English, it was to be expected some more difficult tasks (contact with English people is still important, though), we’re not in Pre-School, but then again, some people are still “under-levelled” (and by this term commonly used in both games and life, it’s not like I’m depreciating people themselves, but the English program that’s been taught to us since it was first introduced).

Forty-five minutes or so later, since the man first appeared, he then had to go to another of his life fulfilling quests, to spread love, knowledge, love of knowledge and knowledge of love to somewhere else, it was really pleasant, but rushed at the same time; I still had many doubts concerning how things were up in England, but that’s another story; there was also a charming woman who looked surprisingly Australian to me, and her role was to spread these booklets containing English courses around the world.

                                                 Paying close attention - 11ºJ

They left and I wouldn’t mind having them over again, since people like to feel special once in a while.

Francisco Chagas 11ºA 

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