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The Journey

" Os textos reproduzidos foram elaborados na sala de aula por alunos das turmas do 11º ano, no ano lectivo 2011/2012, no âmbito da disciplina de Inglês.

The journey

It was a calm afternoon sitting on the sofa and watching television until the phone rang. Finally! After weeks of waiting, they finally called. I was in full confidence; after all I was the most prepared person they could find.
So there I was, packing everything I had that could help in that cold weather, and a week after preparing the trip, I finally started the journey to the Himalaya Mountains in Nepal.
The trip on the plane didn’t go very well, but I made it. When I left the plane there were two men waiting for me.
“Hi, Sir! Are you Doctor O’Brian?”
“Yes, I am! How did you two recognize me?”
“Our boss showed us a picture of you and told us that you’d be the only man reading a science book and walking at the same time…”
“Well, your boss was right! I’m actually reading a very interesting book about animals, like wolves. Did you know…”
After a long talk about science facts we arrived at another airport. This time we weren’t travelling on a plane but by helicopter.
I felt that I was annoying them with all that science so I shut up, and we spent the trip all quiet (they weren’t very talkative persons).
When we landed I saw the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen. It was all white and blue, very cold, but the view was worth it.
Then I heard something that really pulled me down:
“What is this nerdy Doctor doing here? He can’t even ride a bike. How is he going to climb these mountains? “
When I heard this, I felt really bad, because part of me knew this was true. But I wasn’t going to miss the journey of my life because of what some people thought of me.
After a week of preparing the climb and treating the sick people we started to climb the Everest Mountain.
It was all going right until we found a group of wolves. We were all very scared but so were the wolves (that got away). 
All the wolves ran away. All but one. This one wolf was stuck in the snow.
So there was my moment to change what they thought about me.
I carefully got closer to the wolf and started to touch it in the face, just like I had read. The wolf started to feel better and I set it free. After this episode we continued the trip.
They changed their opinions about me and I even appeared on the news (the wolf guy, they called me).

                                                                     de  Ana Pinote  11º H

Nota: Texto publicado com a autorização de Ana Pinote, do 11º H.  Qualquer reprodução sem a sua autorização atenta contra os princípios dos direitos de autor.

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