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Red Solution

Red Solution

 “1453, the Franco-Italian Wars reached their climax. With the German and Spanish army rushing to save their Italian Allies in Northern Italy, the French army commanded by Francis I of France were finding their way into the region of Pavia where no Condottiere nor a Scipio was to save the undefended Italian peasants and militia.
Coming the German-Spanish army commanded by Charles de Lannoy from Savoie there was little chance for them to reach the French and be able to rout them or even destroy them, since the enemy carried the latest artillery technology into the field.
Hurrying and worried about the poor Italians not being able to match the French from slaughtering them, they decided to rest one night and one night only to eat, sleep, drink and pray to be fully restored, having a chance to bring fire and death down upon the enemy. They found a nice spot near a cave just before the big mountain of Mont-Blanc could be climbed. While gathering around the fires, a sparkle went into the cave and something made a strong sound, like a cannon. Three men went inside the cave to see what caused such havoc. The men discovered that this cave was an abandoned Salt-Peter mine, one of the main ingredients to make gunpowder. This one seemed to be very rich and powerful. The Spanish harquebusiers (“arquebus”, the first rifle-like weapon, hence the name of its wielders) saw an opportunity to outmatch the French, and due to this powerful chemical combustion the Italian Alliance prevailed, since there was no armor nor arrogance of a French Nobleman that could withstand the power of those harquebuses. ”
FLURI, Jacob, Historische Erfindungen, Schweiz
3rd October, 2006

“How on earth did you manage to find all of this out on your own?” – said the boss.
“During my vacation in Savoy I was doing some snowboarding with Marlowe, in Mont-Blanc. When we reached its top I placed the board on my feet, while sitting down on this big stone placed in the peaky top of the mountain, and it had the following engraved on it: In order to give, sometimes you have to take. Nature through God gave us the chance to save the undefended through a Red Solution that we made with the powder of this Holy Mountain.”

                                                                    de Vasco Ferreira   -   11º L  

Nota: Texto publicado com a autorização de Vasco Ferreira, do 11º L.  Qualquer reprodução sem a sua autorização atenta contra os princípios dos direitos de autor.

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