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My Japanese Heritage

   Texto criativo elaborado na sala de aula, no âmbito da  disciplina de Inglês, a partir de imagens.

Temple in Kyoto, Honshu, Japan

My Japanese Heritage

    Since I was a little girl, I noticed that my mother’s side of the family had Asian eyes. Well, they weren’t really Asian, but my brother and my aunt looked a bit Oriental, especially when they were kids. My brother’s eyes aren’t like that anymore but my aunt’s still are.

    One day we were having dinner when someone brought up the subject.
   “No one told you?” my aunt asked, “It’s a funny story!”. My aunt began telling us our family story.
    So, apparently a long time ago one of our ancestors went to Japan to work. He didn’t like working there; it was a very different culture where he didn’t fit in. Time went by. One day, he was taking a walk and suddenly he noticed a beautiful Japanese woman reading on a bench.
     He stopped to look at her. She had her black straight hair up in a perfect pony-tail and she was wearing a brown dress. She looked up, but he was too shy so he continued walking.
     He only saw her once a month, always in the same place at the same hour. Five months after he first saw her, he sat next to her. They sat there for two hours without saying a word, as she continued reading. This ritual lasted a year. They started talking and getting to know each other.
     They fell in love and bought a house for the two of them to live. He proposed a few months after that and they had a gorgeous ceremony in a temple in Kyoto which was located near the bench.
     She got pregnant twice; they had a boy and a girl two years apart. Unfortunately he was fired, so they moved to his country where they lived for the rest of their lives. Their kids had children and those children also had kids and so on, until my grandmother was born.
     She also married and had two daughters: my aunt and my mom; and then my mom had me and my brother.
     And that’s why we’re part Japanese! Mystery solved!

                                                                    de  Inês Duarte - 11º D

Direitos de autor: Este texto foi publicado com autorização de Inês Duarte. Não é permitida a reprodução sem a legítima autorização.

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