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" Os textos a seguir reproduzidos foram elaborados na sala de aula por alunos das turmas D, E, H, L e M do 11º ano, no ano lectivo 2011/2012, no âmbito da disciplina de Inglês. O desafio colocado aos discentes consistiu na elaboração de textos criativos a partir de imagens (fotografias, pinturas, desenhos) colocadas à sua disposição, sendo que o requisito mais importante nesta tarefa foi, indubitavelmente, o estímulo da imaginação e do qual resultaram belíssimos textos, alguns dos quais agora divulgados" .

                                                            John William Waterhouse, Miranda – The Tempest1916


              Jane was her name. She was like a sister to me. She seemed to be the kind of girl who was reserved, fragile, shy and not capable of holding strong, devastating passions like love or hate. She was seen by all as a girl who would spend the rest of her life as a mediocre woman standing behind a man, smothered by the ugly human nature and drained by time. But she was strong.
                She was the girl who saw me begging on the cold, dirty, cruel streets. Like the warmth of an angel, she embraced me and took me in. Her rich house could afford a “lady's playmate” as I came to be, thanks to my coal black eyes and onyx black hair. They said I seemed to be honest and kind.
                Jane always treated me as her confident and her sister. She told me how beautiful the morning dew resting on flowers was, how sorrowful abandoned animals were; and how fascinating the Sea was.
                I think it was the Sea that ruined her. It was the Sea that took her enthusiasm away. The Sea was feared. It took many kind men astray, and the power to sink ships. But the Sea was the only means we had to keep the country from starving. Our soils were unfertile and there were dangerous animals in the woods. The Sea was our only way out.
                I don't know what had gone through her mind but one day she appeared suddenly by my chamber door and said she wanted me to help her escape this family to see the wide world outside. I understood what she meant. She read books that were forbidden to girls.
                Jane had in her an adventurous spirit, a loving heart, which she learnt from the books she read. She was the girl who had fire in her heart and light in her eyes.
                She met a boy called Mark, a good looking blue-eyed, tall boy with his hair as dark as the night. He was very kind to both of us. She met him on her book-searching runs. Since then, we spent almost every evening listening to stories about the Sea and the outer world. Yes, it was fascinating.
                Her wish to depart was surely influenced by Mark. I loved both of them and could not bear a life far away from them.
                “If you are going, please take me with you, Jane!” I begged “I would feel alone without you, milady!” Though I was very nervous I kept a serious tone in my voice.
                “Are you sure, Helen?” she looked at me with her brown eyes. I could only nod enthusiastically. No objections.
                “I will always be by your side”, said I, starting to prepare the packs for our departure. We were about to be so free and so reckless, we were going to start a life far away from all the worried of rich people.
                Two hours later I was wearing my favourite dress. It was a new chapter in my life.
                “Helen, hurry, we have to go. The ship will depart in about an hour; we have to be there at dusk”, her distant voice, her sweet voice.
                The ship was enormous. Milady was seemingly nervous. She wore her simple violet blue dress and the wind toyed with her red hair. We saw Mark coming from the crowded part. Without saying a word, he grabbed my hand and some luggage fell on the floor. We started to move away from milady.
                “Mark, what are you doing? We cannot leave Jane there!?” He did not even look back. As I turned my head Jane was happily looking at me waving her hand, saying goodbye. What in the world!?
                “You can't do this, Jane!” I already had tears in my eyes. I knew Jane loved him. The light she had in her eyes when she talked about him.
                “He is someone who's been looking for you since you parted from the outer world” she yelled these words as the crowd buried her. Not seeing her face, I could still know she was in tears.

                Mark told me, then, when we were already on board, that he was a childhood friend of mine. I had been abducted by strangers and my family never had a clue of myself. I was moved to discover someone who valued my existence so much that had set out on the Sea to look for me and struggled with beasts to enlighten the dark woods.
                It certainly was a new chapter in my life. I found a place where I belong, and the man I love. I found a place to be happy because of an angel.

                                                                                                                       de   Wang Yue  -  11ºH
Direitos de autor: Este texto foi publicado com autorização de Wang Yue. Não é permitida a reprodução sem a legítima autorização.

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