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The Golden Island

        Texto criativo elaborado na sala de aula, no âmbito da  disciplina de Inglês, a partir de imagens.

                                                       The Golden Island

   Rain. Rain, rain, rain and more rain. We're in the middle of a storm. The guys fight the sails to keep us in the right route, while I try to control the steering wheel. Aleida's standing still on the front, looking at the sky and trying to see something besides rain, sea and clouds. Luus is holding on to a cross, praying, probably. I don't get her. She's a pirate; she should be stronger than that.
   "Luus, do something!” I commanded her, as she was staring at the empty space in front of her. "But Heleen, we can't do anything, the storm is too strong!” she said. "That's Captain Heleen for you, and go help the guys! It's more useful than praying!" 
   The storm got stronger, and we eventually couldn't do anything to keep the route. After Luus almost fell overboard, we all ended up falling asleep. There was no use in trying. We were lost.
   The next morning, when we woke up, it was already sunny again. I cursed at the sky while getting a map and a compass, to find out where we were. It wasn't easy when we only saw sea and sky.
   After a while everyone was already in their positions again. We set a new route, and off we went. When suddenly I heard Richard yell, "I SEE AN ISLAND! CAPTAIN, THERE'S AN ISLAND!".”An island?!"  I looked at the map and compass, "Oh, so we must be here", I said, pointing at the map.
   We got to the island. It was incredibly creepy, with sharp mountains and a strange fog surrounding it. When we got off the boat we noticed something even stranger - the butterflies! The flowers! EVERYTHING on that island! They were made out of money. Real money! Coins! Gems! Jewels everywhere! For a pirate crew that was like a dream, the treasure wasn't even buried.
   We took as much as we could, with Luus constantly complaining about how we were taking nature and stuff. ... Seriously, why has she agreed to come if she hates plundering and looking for treasure. We eventually ended up leaving the island, but it was marked in my map - we'd never have problems with money again, for if we did, we'd have all the riches from the "nature" that island gave us.
   ... When we left, the privateers appeared. Damn. I forgot there were more ships around these seas. They would not get my island. I would not let them.
  "SINK THEIR BOOOAT!!!", "AYE CAPTAIN!”.  And so a naval battle began.

                                                                               Inês Pereira  -  11º M

Nota: Este texto foi publicado com a autorização da Beatriz Saraiva, do 11º L.  Qualquer reprodução sem a sua autorização atenta contra os princípios dos direitos de autor.

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