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Evening dress

"Os textos a seguir reproduzidos foram elaborados na sala de aula por alunos das turmas D, E, H, L e M do 11º ano, no ano lectivo 2011/2012, no âmbito da disciplina de Inglês. O desafio colocado aos discentes consistiu na elaboração de textos criativos a partir de imagens (fotografias, pinturas, desenhos) colocadas à sua disposição, sendo que o requisito mais importante nesta tarefa foi, indubitavelmente, o estímulo da imaginação e do qual resultaram belíssimos textos, alguns dos quais agora divulgados" [informação da docente da disciplina]

                                                                      Lanvin, Evening dress, 1960

The perfect dress

     I was looking for the perfect dress since the day I was born! Well, it was the dress that I imagined when I was just five years old. The dress was black. With a lot of dots and layers. It was perfect and simply beautiful when I designed that dress for the first time. I was kind of disappointed because it didn’t look like the dress that I had in my mind. If somehow I could take a picture of the image that I created with my brain, with my mind, it would be awesome.
     Now I’ve grown up. I am sixteen years old and I am used to dreaming of the “perfect black dress” every night.
     One day, I woke up and I had nothing important to do, so I decided to put the dress of my dreams on a white sheet of paper again. At that moment all my memories as a five-year-old came back.
     It seemed I had rewind on time. I began with the human body and, step by step I was doing my dress. I did all the details I had always imagined, but when I finished, I realized that it wasn’t that pretty and beautiful. I was disappointed.
     Now I can design every type of clothes I want! That is amazing! Now every single night I dream of a different kind of t-shirt, cap, bag, trousers, dress or something like that. I realized that I want to be a fashion designer. I just want to design something that appears in my mind and turn that into reality. My mother agreed with my decision but almost half of my family said that I should be a doctor. I usually tell them that I want to follow my dream and I will be as rich as a doctor. The world will know my name and one day they will wear clothes with the label Vanessa Carvalho. I was kind of angry when they said that I was dreaming too much.
     Today I’m in New York, studying fashion design with people that know a lot of things related to this area and I’m proud of myself for being here. Maybe if I was studying medicine I would be unhappy now and wishing one day I would fulfill my dream. My dream.
     I’m a successful woman! I have two children and I am a fashion designer. I am independent and the happiest person in the world!
     Today I’m in my room and I am thinking about my wedding dress. It should be white and have a V cut shape down at the back, and ah,   a mermaid shape. It will be perfect!
     I learnt that to achieve your goals and dreams you have to fight a lot and sometimes you have to go against your family and friends to prove that with a lot of work everything is possible!
     Dear diary, I am an adult now, and I will stop writing my thoughts on you! Don’t be sad, please!

                                                               de Vanessa Carvalho - 11º E

Direitos de autor: Este texto foi publicado com autorização de Vanessa Carvalho. Não é permitida a reprodução sem a legítima autorização.


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