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                        Vladimir Kush, Departure of the Winged Ship


"The ship was finally sailing... I could see the myriad of glass-like reflection of colours on the deck... Giant butterflies enslaved by man, working as the old white sails.
Shore was easily seen. I could hear the villagers and the fishermen screaming goodbyes and good lucks; if only they knew...
The sea smelled like salt and new promises to us aboard. My men worked happily and fast, we were soon on high seas.
I, Captain Anthony Ulfur, am here to tell you about the trip that changed my life forever.
As my father, Captain John Ulfur, I too was in love with the depths. Many years ago my father went to a mysterious trip to a faraway land. I was only ten. I didn't understand the meaning or the importance of what he had brought. I was amazed by the new flying species he had found: giant coloured butterflies appeared in the sky behind his ship.
Man, as always, used them, making them fly our ships in the ocean.
They started dying a few years ago. There were only a few dozens left, so my governor gave me my father's map and I came on a journey to find them.
My men were excited. Much gold was promised.
They would be able to feed their families and marry their children, I too expected that.

Our first week on high seas was rather easy, but then the storm came. As we approached the "X" on my map, the sea turned black, giant waves were swallowing the ship and with it, several lives.
Our butterflies closed their wings and started an excruciating sound, almost like a panic scream, a call for help.
I was trying to fight the brave waves when they came; enormous dark-coloured people, women two meters high. They were mad!
They jumped on the ship from their little canoes as easily as it took me to jump from the ship into the water. There was a slaughter. My men died as glow-worms in a bell jar.
I was taken prisoner, the only survivor.
Those beautiful dangerous people freed the giant flying beings.
I later learned they were sacred to them, special wild animals that didn't deserve what we did to them.
I write these words to whoever finds them, let them be!
Today is my execution."

                                                                  de    Ana Rato  -  11º H

Nota: Texto publicado com a autorização de Ana Rato, do 11º H.  Qualquer reprodução sem a  autorização  da aluna atenta contra os princípios dos direitos de autor.

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